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Xiamen Xinyu Plumbing Co,,ltd. is a Professional Manufacturer Who Specializes in design, manufacturing of  Toilet Float Valve,Ballcock, Toilet Mini Pilot Fill Valve,Side Entry Float Valve,3″ Dual Flush Valve and other bathroom fittings.  We assure you Safety, Creativity” to design and improved Toilet Ball Valve.

14 15 Toilet Float Valve J13010


1 4 15 Toilet Float Valve J13010
14 151 Toilet Float Valve J13010

Our Ballcock product feature

Toilet Ballcock Height adjustable snap ball cock(8″-12″)
* UPC/C-UPC certification
Toilet Float Valve Features:
* Hold the line even if water pressure varies
* Momentary shut-off,anti-siphon
* Inching switch
* Suitable for different tank
* Refill adjustment

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IMG 8491 Toilet Float Valve J13010
IMG 8494 Toilet Float Valve J13010
IMG 8493 Toilet Float Valve J13010
IMG 8496 Toilet Float Valve J13010
IMG 8497 Toilet Float Valve J13010

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