Portable Bidet Z001

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Portable Travel Bidet

Portable Bidet Z001

portable cleaning baby (Portable Bidet)
product introduction and its major functions

The Portable Bidet sprayer for external use, sprayer for internal use and nursing sprayer are all made of advanced antibiosis resin materials, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, and different functions can be realized by replacing the sprayer for external use, sprayer for internal use and nursing sprayer.
The water spraying nozzle of the sprayer for external use is set at the flank of the sprayer, which is convenient for the user to hold by hand, the water flow has a strong-gear and a weak-gear, which are designed for the washing of anus or vulva of male and female as well as wounds, it can have a better health care effect on the patients with haemorrhoids and constipation.

The  Portable Bidet  sprayer for internal use is designed with unique circumferential water outlet, top water outlet, guiding groove for water outlet, horn mouth-like protective wing and other structures for the purpose to meet the demand for washing the internal vulva by women after menstruation and delivery or intercourse, it can wash with fresh water or with wash solution following the doctor’s advice, helping to treat various vaginal diseases.

The water spraying nozzle of nursing sprayer is set at the top of sprayer, which is designed for the use by parents or nurses to nurse the infants and young children or the patients staying in bed in need of nursing, it has two options of water flow:
1. vaporific washing—the water flow spreads as a vapor to cover a large area , it is hardly irritating to body and thus can be used for infants, young children and patients;
2. intensive washing—the water flow is concentrated to produce a high-intensity flushing, it can be used for the flushing of anus or vulva.

Name of  Portable Bidet  components and specifications
bidet portable

①fill cap ②lifting handle ③liquid storage bucket ④button
⑤shell ⑥duct ⑦battery cover ⑧sprayer for external use
⑨sprayer for internal use⑩nursing sprayer(11)tool for opening and closing the battery cover(12)reticule

 Portable Bidet size: 67*46*298mm(shell)
product weight:approximately 260 g
water spraying capacity:6ml/second
about 6ml/second in a typical mode(when using a new alkaline dry battery )
about 7ml/second in a soft mode (when using a new alkaline dry battery )

capacity : about 180ml
battery: one AA alkaline dry battery.
accessory: one reticule

Portable Bidet Cautions before use
bidet portable

To ensure a clean up and number of use, it is advisable to use a alkaline dry battery.
The water spraying intensity and number of use will be reduced when a manganese battery is used.
This product is not capable of thermal insulation.
Use the tool for opening and closing coming with the product to open the battery cover. Correctly put in the battery based on the direction of positive and negative pole of battery. The battery cover shall be tightened by rotating it firmly, the water on the shell shall be wiped dry when you replace the battery.

Portable Bidet usage
water adding method
1.Slightly open the fill cap, and pull the shell softly, till a click sound is heard, indicating that the shell has been entirely pulled out, (shown in Figure 1), the sprayer for external use cannot be unfolded if the shell is pulled out incompletely.
2.Open the fill cap, there are two optional states which are semi-open state and full-open state.
a. in the case of a shallow washbasin, which is inconvenient for watering, please switch the fill cap to the semi-open state, which provides a water supply amount that is a bit less than usual, (shown in Figure 2)
b.in the case of watering by water supply duct, please switch the fill cap to the full-open state.(shown in Figure 3)
3.Fasten down the fill cap when the loading of fresh water or lotion is finished.
bidet portable
   Note: the liquid temperature shall not exceed 40℃, or a scald will be caused, after adding the water, please don’t place the sprayer when it is unfolded, (shown in Figure 4), or the sprayer will have a potential to leak water. (shown in Figure 5)

Portable Bidet usage
1.Install the nursing sprayer
2. Open the injection port, add the wash solution, based on different washing aims, rotate the front end of nursing sprayer to choose different spraying ways.
3. the spraying ways include vaporific scrubbing and intensive flushing. (shown in Figure 14)
bidet portable 7 bidet portable 8
   Note: make sure that the concave part for positioning on the sprayer be aligned to the groove on the shell. (shown in Figure 13)

How To Use Portable Bidet

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