Toilet Wax Ring -B2001

wax ring bowl,toilet flange

Toilet Wax Ring Toilet Wax Ring

Toilet Wax Ring Toilet Wax Ring Toilet Wax Ring Toilet Wax Ring


wax ring bowl

Product Model:B2001

Applicability:Fits 3″ and 4″ outlet

Appearance:as shown

Producing Area:Xiamen,China


Toilet Wax Ring Product Features:

1.It contains LEE-B macromolecule factor structure,Strong Adhesion.

2.Macromolecule composite without acid formula

3.Provides quality of raw material guarantee by Exxon Neftegas Limited

4.Exhibits good corrosion protection for sewer line.

5.Leakage- proof, Deodorant, Anti-bacterial,

6.Good seal performance, long useful life.

Toilet Wax Ring Advantage:

1.Simplified setup process.

2.Safe and convenient for use.

Toilet Wax Ring Feature:


2.Good seal performance,Long useful life.

Toilet Wax Ring

Package information: 0.49*0.49*0.49m , 90pcs/carton, 18.15kgs/carton

Toilet Wax Ring Effect:

The purpose of the Toilet Wax Ring seal is to make a watertight connection between the toilet to the closet flange. The closet flange is the hardware connected to the plumbing waste line. The closet flange sits on the floor, the wax ring rests on top of the closet flange, and the toilet is placed on top of the wax ring. Without the Toilet wax ring, the toilet will not make a watertight connection with the closet flange and water will leak onto the floor.

For more information about the Toilet bowl wax ring,toilet wax ring and toilet flange wax ring,please contact us

wax ring bowl,toilet flange

Color box package available.
Testing report for Wax Seal Ring

1.Acooring toTT-P-1536A
2.Test methodThe test shall be performed in accordance with ASTM Standard D-220
3.Test equipmentsOvenrefrigeratoryscreen(14 items)mandril(1”)tileboardconcretethermometer and other assistant equipments
4.Sample amount10PCS

Toilet Wax Ring Component成分
1、Calcium carbonate-5%
2、hydrocarbon-25%3、Macromolecule compound wax-35%
4、Hydrocarbon plastifier  -30%
5、Wntimicrobial  -5%

Toilet Wax Ring Toilet Wax Ring Toilet Wax Ring

Good quality and Customized Toilet Wax Ring Is Available.


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