Travel Bidet TB200


Travel Bidet

ABS Usage size: 32*5.9*5.9cm
Pocket size: 15*5.9*5.9cm.
Water Capacity: 230ml, Main body Weight: 260g
Single package size:20x10x10cm
Single Gross weight:0.4kg
Chargeable battery: 5V/1000mA
Water-proof :5m
Flush time: 60sec for soft spray, 40sec for strong spray.
Battery charging time: 2 hours.
Power consumption: maximum 4W.
Two-speed silicon button
with USB chargeable cable
Usage size: 32*6*6cm
pocket size: 15*6*6cm
Two-speed silicon button
Motor revolving speed:18000RPM
Working temperature: lessa than 50 degree celsius
Spray time: more than 60 sec in soft spray, more than 40 sec in strong spray.
Semi-circular nozzle: scratch the anus during spraying, for better cleaning
power strength of the water jet:
50cm for strong spray water in vertical direction
30cm for weak spray water in vertical direction

Portable Bidet,Electric bidet

Travel Bidet with USB Charger

portable bidet

Travel Bidet with USB Charger

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Packing information:
Gross weight:16KGS

Uses: For Home Use, For Travel, For Baby/Changing diaper, For lady hygiene, For patients and disable, For hemorrhoids sufferer.
Product Snapshot

The New  Portable Travel Bidet by XINYU is the lightweight and small portable handheld bidet that is able to provide hygienic comforts when out camping or when away from home. Simply press down on the power button to control the desired pressure you need for a good hygienic cleanse. 1/2 way down for a gentle wash, and all the way down for a stronger wash.

  • Compact
  • Soft push button with dual pressure wash
  • 7.7 ounce reservoir 230ml
  • Angled nozzle with double holes
  • Rechargeable battery with USB charger

I.Product Introduction and Specification:

●Water capacity: 230ml.
●Main body weight: 260g
●Length: 15cm for pocket, 32cm for body cleaning
●Chargeable lithium battery: 5V / 1000mA
●Water-proof: 1m
●Power consumption: Maximun 4W
●Battery duration: Around 100 cycles
●Standby time: Maximum 30 days
●Battery charging time: Around 2 hours
●Cycle time: 60 sec (soft spray), 40 sec (strong spray)
Travel Bidet/Portable BidetTravel Bidet/Portable Bidet

V.Charging Battery:
Charge the battery inside with the supplied USB cable before using. When battery
is low, the spray will decrease and eventually stop. Charge the bidet with the USB
charging cable to avoid battery damage
1. Open the silicon cover at the side of the bidet. Make sure to open it from top by
your finger.
2. Plug one end of USB cable into bidet.
3. Connect the other end USB joint with transformer or computer. The indicator
light in the bidet will be in red to show normal charging.
4. When the indicator light shuts off, the battery is full. Pull off the cable and close
the silicon lid tightly for the bidet to make sure water sealing.
Please connect the USB properly like your cell phone USB Maximum power
output should be 5 5V.

VI.Notice for Usage:
1. This bidet is intended for external use only.
2. Do not insert the bidet body in the water at any time.
3. Avoid filling with water above 40C (104F).
4. Clean the bidet body, reservoir, and nozzles on a regular basis to avoid harmful bacteria.
5. For proper cleaning use the bidet spray in a circular motion.
6. Prevent the device from falling knocking and forced vibration Rough operation could damage the internal circuit board.
7. Do not detach and change any internal parts. This will void your warranty

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